Welcome to the Student Ministry at Lima First Assembly of God

Jan 21, 2022


Lima First Assembly of God is pleased to offer an exceptional Student Ministry program dedicated to cultivating a strong foundation of faith and empowering the youth within our community. Guided by our core values of compassion, inclusivity, and growth, we aim to provide a nurturing environment where young individuals can develop spiritually, build lasting friendships, and grow as leaders in their schools, families, and communities.

Our Mission

At Lima First Assembly of God's Student Ministry, our mission is to come alongside young individuals, ages 12-18, and help them grow in their relationships with God, develop their unique talents and abilities, and make a positive impact in the world around them. We believe in nurturing their spiritual, emotional, and social well-being, enabling them to navigate the challenges of adolescence with grace and confidence.

Youth Programs and Activities

1. Youth Services

Our weekly Youth Services provide a dynamic and engaging experience for young individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of faith. Led by our passionate Youth Pastors and dedicated volunteers, these services combine impactful worship, relevant biblical teaching, and opportunities for personal reflection and growth. We encourage open discussions, fostering an environment where the youth can freely express their thoughts and share their experiences.

2. Small Groups

Our Small Groups offer a more intimate setting where young people can connect with peers facing similar challenges and explore their faith journey together. Led by caring mentors, these groups provide a safe space for discussions, prayer, and mutual support. Students have the opportunity to ask challenging questions, dive deeper into biblical teachings, and develop meaningful friendships grounded in shared values and beliefs.

3. Youth Events and Retreats

We organize exciting youth events and retreats throughout the year, designed to create lasting memories and encourage spiritual growth. From empowering conferences and engaging workshops to thrilling outdoor adventures, our events are carefully curated to be both fun and spiritually enriching. These experiences allow young individuals to make lifelong friends, develop new skills, and encounter God in transformative ways.

4. Community Outreach

At Lima First Assembly of God, we believe in the importance of serving our community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Through various outreach initiatives, our Student Ministry actively participates in local community service projects, charity drives, and volunteer opportunities. These experiences not only cultivate a heart of compassion and empathy in our youth but also provide them with practical opportunities to live out their faith by serving those in need.

Resources and Support

In addition to our engaging programs and activities, we provide a range of resources and support systems to help students in their spiritual journey. Our dedicated team of youth leaders and mentors offer guidance, counseling, and mentoring to ensure each individual feels valued, seen, and heard. We also provide access to relevant books, podcasts, and online resources to further encourage personal growth and exploration of faith.

Get Involved

We welcome and encourage all youth, regardless of background or previous church experience, to join our Student Ministry at Lima First Assembly of God. It is our desire to create an inclusive and diverse community where everyone feels welcome, loved, and supported. Whether you have questions about our programs or want to learn more about how to get involved, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Together, let's embark on an extraordinary journey of faith, growth, and service!

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or would like to connect with our Student Ministry team, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by phone at [Phone Number] or email us at [Email Address]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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