May Book Review: The Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston

Jun 8, 2021


Welcome to Lima First Assembly of God's Slice of Grace Blog, where we discuss insightful books and provide valuable book reviews. In this month's review, we dive into 'The Crook in the Lot' by Thomas Boston.

About the Book

'The Crook in the Lot' is a profound work by Thomas Boston, originally published in the early 18th century. Boston, a Scottish theologian, explores the concept of divine providence in relation to the trials and difficulties we face in life.

Overview of 'The Crook in the Lot'

In this remarkable book, Boston encourages readers to reflect on the sovereignty of God and how it manifests in our daily lives. He delves into the idea that even in the midst of hardships, God's plan is at work, shaping our character and molding our faith.

Key Themes and Insights

1. Divine Providence

Boston masterfully dissects the biblical concept of divine providence, the notion that everything, including the adversities we encounter, happens according to God's will. He expands on the belief that God allows crookedness (difficulties) in our lives to demonstrate His grace and wisdom.

2. Finding Meaning and Purpose

Through his insightful narrative, Boston prompts readers to explore the purpose behind life's struggles. He challenges the notion that hardships have no purpose, emphasizing instead that they serve as opportunities for growth, deepening our understanding of God's love and faithfulness.

3. Nurture of Character

'The Crook in the Lot' encourages readers to embrace challenges as catalysts for character development. Boston proposes that trials provide fertile ground for our spiritual growth, allowing us to become more resilient, patient, and compassionate individuals.

4. Perseverance and Hope

Within the pages of this transformative book, Boston reminds us of the importance of perseverance and hope. He illustrates how faith plays an integral role in navigating life's unexpected twists and turns, empowering us to face challenges head-on with unwavering trust in God's providential care.

Who Should Read This Book?

'The Crook in the Lot' is a must-read for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of divine providence and the transformative power of faith. It is particularly relevant to those who find themselves facing adversity or questioning God's plan for their lives. Boston's profound insights provide solace and wisdom during challenging times.


'The Crook in the Lot' by Thomas Boston is a deeply enlightening book that delves into the mysteries of God's providence and invites readers to embrace the crookedness in their own lives. Lima First Assembly of God highly recommends this work for anyone desiring a stronger faith foundation and a greater appreciation for the ways God works through difficult circumstances. Dive into this timeless masterpiece and be prepared to discover profound truths that will reshape your perspective on life's challenges.

I found this book to be truly enlightening and inspiring.
Nov 8, 2023
Arturo Villegas
This book is a timeless gem that delves into the divine purpose behind life's challenges.
Oct 13, 2023