Mar 14, 2022
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Welcome to Lima First Assembly of God's 2014 VBS - GOD'S DEFENDERS page, where children learn about defending their faith in a fun and engaging way! Our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) program aims to provide a dynamic and enriching experience for children, helping them grow spiritually within the community of Lima First Assembly of God.

About Lima First Assembly of God

Lima First Assembly of God is a place of worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth located in Lima, Ohio. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where individuals and families can learn about God's love and teachings. With a strong focus on community and faith, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those who attend our church.

What is VBS?

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a popular summer program designed specifically for children. It offers a unique opportunity for young ones to deepen their understanding of the Bible, experience fellowship, and participate in fun activities that align with Christian teachings. At Lima First Assembly of God, we take pride in hosting an annual VBS program that engages children in age-appropriate lessons while nurturing their relationship with God.

Experience God's Defenders

The theme for our 2014 VBS program is "God's Defenders." Throughout the week, children will embark on an exciting adventure where they will learn about notable figures from the Bible who defended their faith and stood up for what is right. In addition to captivating Bible stories, they will participate in interactive games, creative crafts, upbeat songs, and delicious snacks, all designed to make learning about faith enjoyable!

Age Group and Schedule

This year's VBS program is open to all children aged 4 to 12. The program will run from July 21 to July 25, with each day's activities beginning at 9:00 AM and concluding at 12:00 PM. We believe in providing a safe and structured environment for children to freely express their faith and learn important lessons from the Bible. Our dedicated team of volunteers ensures that every child receives individual attention and guidance throughout the program.

Teaching Materials and Curriculum

Our VBS program uses carefully selected teaching materials and curriculum tailored to each age group. We aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses biblical knowledge, character development, and practical life applications. Through interactive lessons and group activities, children will be encouraged to deepen their faith and develop a personal relationship with God.

Registration and Contact Information

To enroll your child in Lima First Assembly of God's 2014 VBS - GOD'S DEFENDERS program, please visit our website or contact our office. Limited spots are available, so we encourage early registration to secure your child's participation. Join us for a week filled with faith, fun, and new friendships!


At Lima First Assembly of God, we believe in nurturing children's faith from an early age. Our VBS program is an ideal platform for children to learn and grow in their relationship with God while enjoying a memorable summer experience. Join us as we embark on the exciting journey of defending our faith and standing as God's Defenders!

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Michael Doyle
Sounds like a great opportunity for kids to strengthen their faith! 🙌🏼
Nov 8, 2023