Exploring the Beauty of Camel Rides in Lanzarote Timanfaya

Nov 19, 2023

Discover the Unforgettable Experience of Camel Rides in Lanzarote Timanfaya

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you back in time and immerse you in the enchanting landscapes of Lanzarote? Look no further than camel rides in Lanzarote Timanfaya! Last Minute Transfer offers the perfect opportunity to experience this unique activity while enjoying comfortable transportation, curated by our expert team. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of camel rides in the stunning region of Lanzarote Timanfaya.

Unveiling the Majestic Landscape of Lanzarote Timanfaya

Lanzarote is a volcanic island belonging to the beautiful archipelago of the Canary Islands. Its Timanfaya National Park is a true marvel, displaying a captivating landscape formed by volcanic eruptions that took place in the 18th century. Exploring this fascinating region on the back of a gentle camel offers a truly extraordinary experience.

Why Choose Camel Rides in Lanzarote Timanfaya?

Camel rides are not only a fun and unique way to explore Lanzarote Timanfaya, but they also provide an environmentally-friendly option for transportation within the national park. These docile creatures are well-adapted to navigate through the volcanic terrain, making them the perfect companions for your adventure.

What to Expect During Your Camel Ride?

Your camel ride journey begins at the entrance of Timanfaya National Park. Our professional and friendly guides will introduce you to these gentle giants and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. As you embark on your camel ride, you will witness the breathtaking beauty of Lanzarote's volcanic landscape, with its striking red and black rock formations.

The gentle swaying motion of the camels as they walk, accompanied by the sound of their footsteps, creates a serene atmosphere. Relax and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding volcanic mountains, dramatic craters, and lunar-like plains, which make for fantastic photo opportunities.

Top Attractions to Explore During Your Camel Ride

As you indulge in the mesmerizing camel ride experience, several prominent attractions will capture your attention. Let's dive into the most noteworthy highlights that await you in Lanzarote Timanfaya:

Cueva de los Verdes

Located in the northern part of Lanzarote, Cueva de los Verdes is a natural cave system formed by volcanic activity. Explore the underground world as you walk through the mystical caverns and marvel at the intriguing rock formations. The lighting design enhances the otherworldly ambiance, leaving a lasting impression.

Jameos del Agua

Designed by the renowned architect and artist César Manrique, Jameos del Agua is a breathtaking complex formed in a volcanic tube. Home to unique species of blind albino crabs, it offers a glimpse into an extraordinary underground ecosystem. The venue also hosts cultural events, including live performances and exhibitions.

El Golfo

El Golfo, a small coastal village, provides a picturesque setting for nature lovers. Visit the striking green lagoon known as Charco de los Clicos, which was formed within a volcanic crater. The contrasting colors of the emerald lake, black sand beach, and surrounding cliffs create a truly awe-inspiring sight.

Transportation with Last Minute Transfer: Comfort and Convenience

When planning your camel ride adventure in Lanzarote Timanfaya, trust Last Minute Transfer to offer the utmost convenience and comfort. Our reliable and professional transportation services ensure a stress-free journey from your accommodation to the camel ride starting point.

We understand the significance of seamless travel experiences, and our team is committed to providing you with the highest levels of service. With our modern fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers, you can sit back, relax, and focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Booking Your Camel Ride Experience

Booking your camel ride experience in Lanzarote Timanfaya with Last Minute Transfer is quick and easy. Simply visit our website, lastminute-transfer.com, and browse our comprehensive range of transportation options. Select the date and time that suits you best, and let us take care of the rest.

Our user-friendly platform ensures a hassle-free booking process, allowing you to secure your spot effortlessly. Leave the logistics with us as you embark on a remarkable camel ride adventure in Lanzarote Timanfaya.


Embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes of Lanzarote Timanfaya with camel rides offered by Last Minute Transfer. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the volcanic region, explore top attractions, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your transportation with us and experience the thrill of camel rides in Lanzarote Timanfaya today!

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