Welcome to Red Door Church - Our Name

Jun 24, 2023
Baptism & Worship Night


Welcome to Red Door Church, a vibrant and welcoming community within Lima First Assembly of God. Our church is committed to sharing the love of God, fostering spiritual growth, and making a positive impact in Lima, Ohio. In this article, we will unveil the significance behind our name and how it represents our core beliefs and values. Join us on this journey as we explore what makes Red Door Church truly special.

The Meaning behind Red Door Church

At Red Door Church, our name holds a deeper symbolism. The red door serves as a significant representation of our faith and mission. In many cultures, a red door signifies a place of sanctuary, refuge, and divine protection. It symbolizes the entrance to a sacred space where individuals can find solace, guidance, and spiritual nourishment.

A Place of Sanctuary

Red Door Church embodies the belief that everyone is welcome and loved. Our doors are open wide, greeting anyone who seeks to encounter God and experience genuine community. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can find solace in times of hardship, connect with others on a profound level, and discover their true purpose.

An Invitation to Hope

Just as a red door catches the eye and ignites curiosity, Red Door Church extends an invitation to find hope, healing, and restoration. We passionately believe that faith has the power to transform lives and bring about lasting change. Through engaging worship, inspiring teaching, and compassionate outreach, we aim to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles, discover their potential, and embrace a life of purpose.

Our Commitment to Community

Red Door Church values the importance of community and fosters an environment where individuals can connect, grow, and serve together. We offer a range of ministries, groups, and events designed to meet diverse needs and help individuals develop deep, meaningful relationships.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

We prioritize spiritual growth and provide various opportunities for individuals to deepen their relationship with God. From relevant and empowering sermons to engaging Bible studies, our goal is to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to thrive in their faith journey.

Community Outreach and Impact

Red Door Church is actively engaged in making a positive impact in Lima, Ohio, and beyond. With a heart for service, we participate in community outreach initiatives, partnering with local organizations to meet the needs of the less fortunate, provide support to families, and bring hope to those who may feel marginalized or forgotten.

Join Us at Red Door Church

If you are searching for a place where you can feel accepted, find hope, and grow spiritually, we invite you to join us at Red Door Church. Regardless of your background, age, or life circumstances, you are valued and welcome here. Come and experience the warmth of our community and the transformative power of God's love.

Visit Us

To learn more about Red Door Church, our values, and our various ministries, we encourage you to visit us in person. Our doors are always open and ready to receive you with open arms. Feel free to attend one of our dynamic worship services or reach out to our friendly staff who will be delighted to assist you.

Connect with Us

If you have any questions, need prayer, or desire further information, we are here to help. Connect with us through our website, social media platforms, or by contacting our church office. We look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your spiritual journey.


Red Door Church stands as a beacon of hope, a haven of solace, and a community united by faith. Our name embodies the essence of our commitment to providing a welcoming sanctuary where individuals can encounter God, experience authentic community, and discover their purpose. Join us at Red Door Church, part of Lima First Assembly of God, and embark on a transformative journey of faith and belonging.

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