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Mar 19, 2021


Welcome to the collection of useful links provided by Lima First Assembly of God! As a vibrant and faith-based community, we understand the importance of connecting individuals with resources that can deepen their faith, support personal growth, and strengthen their relationship with God and others. This comprehensive list of links covers a wide range of topics related to faith and beliefs, community, and society. Dive in and explore the valuable content we have curated just for you.

Faith and Beliefs

At Lima First Assembly of God, we are committed to nurturing a strong foundation of faith. Explore the following links to gain insights into various aspects of faith and beliefs:

1. Bible Study Tools and Resources

Engage in a deeper understanding of the Bible with these valuable study tools and resources. From online study guides to interactive apps, these links will support your spiritual journey:

  • Bible Gateway - Access a vast collection of bible translations and study resources.
  • Blue Letter Bible - Dive into in-depth biblical studies with commentaries, lexicons, and more.
  • YouVersion - Discover a Bible app offering multiple translations, devotional plans, and community features.

2. Spiritual Growth and Development

Nurture your spiritual growth and personal development through the following links:

  • Crosswalk - Access articles, devotionals, and practical resources to aid your spiritual journey.
  • Daily Audio Bible - Immerse yourself in God's word with daily audio Bible readings and teachings.
  • - Explore a comprehensive platform for prayer and meditation, featuring prayer requests, guided prayers, and more.

3. Worship and Music

Experience the power of worship and music by visiting these inspiring websites:

  • Worship Together - Access a wide range of worship resources, including sheet music, chord charts, and tutorials.
  • Hymnary - Discover a comprehensive database of hymns, their lyrics, and musical scores.
  • PraiseCharts - Find contemporary worship music resources, including sheet music and audio files.

Community and Society

Our faith extends beyond the walls of the church, driving us to actively engage with and contribute to the larger community and society around us. These links will connect you with valuable resources and organizations:

1. Community Outreach and Volunteering

Make a difference in your community by exploring opportunities for outreach and volunteering:

  • VolunteerMatch - Discover volunteer opportunities tailored to your interests and location.
  • American Red Cross - Contribute to humanitarian efforts by volunteering for the Red Cross.
  • Habitat for Humanity - Get involved in building and improving homes for those in need.

2. Social Issues and Advocacy

Gain a deeper understanding of social issues and find ways to become an advocate for positive change:

  • Amnesty International - Join the fight for human rights and learn about global advocacy efforts.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness - Access resources and education on mental health advocacy and support.
  • End Slavery Now - Learn about modern-day slavery and support initiatives to combat human trafficking.

3. Faith-Based Organizations and Resources

Connect with faith-based organizations that work towards positive community impact:

  • The Salvation Army - Discover how this organization serves those in need through various programs.
  • World Vision - Support children, families, and communities through World Vision's humanitarian efforts.
  • Samaritan's Purse - Contribute to international relief work and support disaster-stricken areas.


We hope these useful links serve as valuable resources, empowering you to explore and deepen your faith, engage with your community, and make a positive impact on society. Remember to bookmark this page for future reference, as we continue to update and expand our curated collection. Lima First Assembly of God is honored to provide these resources, as we strive to foster a vibrant and inclusive community centered on faith and love.

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