What is a Disciple?

May 24, 2020
Baptism & Worship Night

Welcome to the Lima First Assembly of God, where we believe in the power of discipleship. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of being a disciple, and how it impacts our faith and beliefs. Join our vibrant community as we embark on a life-changing journey together.

The Definition of a Disciple

A disciple is a devoted follower and learner of a particular teacher or belief system. In the context of our faith and beliefs, a disciple of Jesus Christ is someone who has made a conscious decision to follow and imitate Him, embracing His teachings and principles. It is more than a mere intellectual acknowledgment of Jesus as the Son of God, but a deep commitment to live according to His example and teachings.

The Importance of Discipleship

Discipleship plays a crucial role in our spiritual growth and development. It is through discipleship that we learn to deepen our relationship with God, understand His Word, and apply it in our daily lives. By becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, we are given the opportunity to experience His transformative power and become agents of change in the world around us.

The Journey of a Disciple

Being a disciple is not a one-time event but an ongoing process of growth and transformation. It involves surrendering our will to God, aligning our lives with His purposes, and allowing His Holy Spirit to guide and empower us. As disciples, we strive to embody the values and character of Christ, constantly seeking to love and serve others selflessly.

Characteristics of a Disciple

  • Commitment: A disciple is committed to faithfully following Jesus, even in the face of challenges and opposition.
  • Teachability: A disciple has a humble and teachable spirit, always eager to learn and grow in their understanding of God's truth.
  • Integrity: A disciple strives to live a life of integrity, aligning their thoughts, words, and actions with the teachings of Jesus.
  • Service: A disciple embraces the call to serve others, imitating the servant-hearted nature of Christ.
  • Discernment: A disciple seeks wisdom and discernment to make godly choices and navigate the complexities of life.
  • Community: A disciple values the importance of being part of a supportive community of believers, where they can grow, learn, and be held accountable.
Discipleship Opportunities at Lima First Assembly of God

At Lima First Assembly of God, we are passionate about discipleship and offer various opportunities for individuals to grow and thrive in their faith. Our church provides:

  1. Discipleship Classes: We offer regular classes and study groups where participants can dive deeper into the Word of God, learn from experienced teachers, and engage in discussions that promote spiritual growth.
  2. Mentorship Programs: Our church has mentorship programs in place to provide guidance and support for individuals seeking to develop their discipleship journey. This allows for personalized guidance from experienced disciples.
  3. Community Outreach: We believe in putting our faith into action. Through our community outreach programs, we provide opportunities for disciples to serve and make a positive impact on their communities, demonstrating the love of Christ.
  4. Worship Services: Our church offers vibrant worship services where disciples can come together to worship God, draw closer to Him, and be inspired by uplifting messages that encourage discipleship.

Being a disciple is an incredible journey of learning, growth, and transformation. It is an invitation to live a purposeful, impactful life guided by the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. At Lima First Assembly of God, we believe in the power of discipleship and invite you to join our vibrant community as we embark on this life-changing journey together. Take the first step and become a disciple today!

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