Welcome to Lima First Assembly of God's AWANA Student Registration

Jul 2, 2021
Baptism & Worship Night

Introduction to AWANA

Lima First Assembly of God is delighted to present AWANA, a renowned program aimed at empowering young minds through faith, fun, and fellowship. Join us in this incredible journey where your children will not only form strong friendships but also develop a deep understanding of their faith.

Why Choose AWANA?

AWANA has been recognized globally for its exceptional approach to nurturing Christian values in children. Our program combines engaging activities, interactive learning, and biblical teachings to create a comprehensive learning experience tailored to each child's needs and interests. By enrolling your children in AWANA, you are providing them with an opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially within a supportive community.

Our AWANA Program

1. Cubbies

Cubbies is designed for preschool-aged children (3-5 years old). It offers a stimulating environment where kids can learn about God's love through age-appropriate stories, music, games, and crafts. Our dedicated team of leaders ensures that each child feels loved, secure, and valued as they embark on their faith journey.

2. Sparks

Sparks is perfect for children in kindergarten to second grade. This dynamic program encourages kids to engage with scripture and apply biblical principles in their daily lives. Through exciting games, Bible memorization challenges, and impactful storytelling, Sparks sparks curiosity, develops character, and fosters a love for God's Word.

3. T&T

T&T stands for Truth & Training, designed for children in third to sixth grade. In this stage, kids dive deeper into God's Word and explore important life lessons. The T&T program focuses on scripture memorization, Bible-based discussions, and encouraging kids to take their faith beyond the classroom through various service opportunities and applications.

Registration Process

Registering your children for AWANA is simple and convenient. Follow the steps below to secure their place in this life-transforming program:

  1. Fill out the online registration form with accurate information about your child.
  2. Submit the form and receive a confirmation email with further instructions.
  3. Complete the registration fee payment process to finalize the enrollment.
  4. Join us on the designated start date and get ready for an incredible AWANA adventure!

Benefits of AWANA

The AWANA program at Lima First Assembly of God offers a myriad of benefits for your children. These include:

  • Solid Foundation: AWANA lays a solid biblical foundation for children, equipping them with essential principles and truths that will guide them throughout life.
  • Fun and Engaging: Our program ensures that learning about faith is enjoyable, combining games, activities, and interactive learning methods.
  • Promotes Discipleship: AWANA creates an environment where children can develop a deeper relationship with God and grow in their understanding of His Word.
  • Building Friendships: By participating in AWANA, your child will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships with peers who share their faith and values.
  • Supportive Community: Lima First Assembly of God is a welcoming and inclusive community that provides a safe and nurturing environment for your children.
  • Life Skills Development: AWANA encourages children to apply biblical principles to their everyday lives, helping them develop essential life skills such as compassion, integrity, and servant-heartedness.

Join AWANA Today!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to empower your children's faith journey. Enroll them in the AWANA program at Lima First Assembly of God and witness their spiritual growth, character development, and joy as they embark on this remarkable adventure. Register now and secure their place in AWANA!

For any questions or further information, please reach out to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to assist you.